Benefits of TractionFace

TractionFace technology means you can put the ability to spin the ball like a pro into your hands now.  StingRay, with the first of its kind TractionFace technology, uses a proprietary groove shape and pattern to create tremendous backspin and optimal launch conditions.  These aggressive box grooves are so effective that StingRay exceeds the performance limits outlined in the Rules of Golf. StingRay TT remixes TractionFace technology with another revolutionary groove shape and pattern to increase backspin and optimized launch while Conforming to the Rules of Golf.  Both clubs combine ScoopBack and TractionFace to give unparalleled control over your short game.

Increased Spin

Optimized Launch

Improved Control

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“The best short game players in the world use spin to their advantage. You can easily improve your spin and short game by using StingRay and StingRay TT wedges.”

~ Rob Lang, Designer & General Manager

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