What is Bounce?

If you want your wedge to flow through any lie condition without digging in, then you need it to rebound off ground at the right angle. Golfers refer to this as “bounce.” In the diagram on the left, a 56-degree wedge is shown with 12-degrees of bounce. Each loft needs the optimal angle from leading to trailing edge to bounce properly, making it easy to play a variety of shots from any ground condition.

How does Bounce work?

Bounce adds forgiveness and versatility to your wedge game. Bounce keeps the club head flowing smoothly through your shot no matter the ground condition and lie.

How does Bounce make me better?

With the proper bounce on your wedge, it is easy to make solid contact every time.  Solid contact means optimized launch and spin on the ball every time. The right bounce allows you to strike the ball properly even if your technique isn’t perfect every time.

Bounce and turf

Through research and meticulous attention, Indi Golf engineers have optimized the sole width and bounce for each loft in our arsenal. Not only is each one forgiving when striking the ball cleanly, but they are also forgiving when you need to cut through the turf.  Get a consistent strike no matter the ground or lie, and find out how easy it is to love your wedge.

bounce and bunkers

Optimized sole width and bounce can be the difference between hitting consistently amazing bunker shots, and dreading being stranded in the desert. Bounce keeps the club head from digging and blasts the sand and ball forward enabling the ball to get out of the bunker and near the hole. StingRay and StingRay TT wedges have been designed to simplify bunker play to lower your score.  Work smart. Choose the best wedges in golf to simplify the game.