Background Information

The dream child of three good friends who love the sport of golf, and were lucky enough to have accomplished careers designing, engineering, and selling golf product. We respect the sport of golf and have a deep desire to grow the game by bringing it’s enjoyment to all walks of life. Every individual golfer connects with their favorite sport in their own way, and it is our goal to give golfers top tier, quality product that will help them to not only perform at their best, but enjoy at their best!

The Commitment

Indi Golf is committed to making sure that every product we design is the best it can possibly be. We do not adhere to the industry’s high-pressure development cycles. Instead, we work through continuous, iterative design and testing, to refine our product until it has reached perfection. We do not blindly follow industry traditions for design or materials. Indi Golf is about the player, what feels good and looks good. We have no bounds, we dream big, and are passionate about improving the game. Keep in touch as Indi Golf continues to release incredible new equipment that time after time, will be the best money can buy, and the best the players can play.